Arancia Rossa "Ciuri Ciuri"

Sicily, Italy

Paste made with Ciuri Ciuri Sicilian Red Oranges

The cultivation of oranges in Sicily is very ancient and we have news about it since the Arab domination. In particular, the hilly area and the plain surrounding Etna has been specializing in different very particular cultivars, which give life to oranges with a thin skin and a deep red pulp. Legend says its intense color derives from the incandescent lava flows of Etna, whereas its sweet taste is the result of the love for the land of Sicilian farmers. The varieties of Sicilian blood orange are : Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello; from this expertly balanced mix, a sweet and fragrant gelato paste typical of Sicilian citrus groves is created. Ideal for slush and sorbets, this paste will amaze you not only for its intense flavor but also for its strongly evocative natural color.

80-100 g/lt mix

3,5 x 2

80-100 g/L miscela

3,5 x 2

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