Avocado Varietà "Hass" e Pepe Bajerosa

Paste made with “Sicilian Hass Avocado and Brazilian Pink Pepper”

The "Hass" variety was born thanks to the wise hands of Rudolf Hass, who in 1926 planted some avocado seeds in a small land located in Los Angeles. From these seeds a very resistant specimen was born, its fruits having a darker and wrinkled skin. This variety, rich in minerals, essential fat acids and vitamin D, useful to prevent osteoporosis, is widely and luxuriantly cultivated in Sicily. We like to define it as the fruit of motherhood: it carefully preserves, in its candid pulp, a round stone that makes it unmistakable.

150-200 g/lt mix

3,5 x 2

150-200 g/L miscela

3,5 x 2

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