Frutto Della Passione “Sole da Chjana”

Gioia Tauro Plain, Calabria and Ragusa, Sicily, (Italy)

Paste made with “Edulis Passiflora from Gioia Tauro plain” (RC)

Leaves of an intense green colour, very particular flowers with a crown of brilliant and variegated colours, which represent the symbol of religious faith in the language of plants. Between June and September, with their blossoming, a fruit with an intense and characteristic scent is born. A fruit with a very soft pulp and rich in small seeds, which gives off all its flavour when ripe.For this reason, we have selected the best "Passion Fruits" in orderto create a paste able to evoke the exotic flavour of these wonderful gifts of nature. A perfectly balanced flavour between sweet and sour and a warm orange colour will make it impossible to resist it. Moreover, thanks to its antioxidant properties that prevent ageing, it will be an excellent excuse in case you are caught devouring excessive quantities of it!

150-200 g/lt mix

3,5 x 2

150/200 x kg.

3,5 x 2